"Sulfur Rain Pours Onto Our Souls EP"

by The Daughters of Lot

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released September 11, 2012



all rights reserved


The Daughters of Lot Alpiarça Municipality, Portugal

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Track Name: The Suffering
When it came, the suffering,
We went play with kites and knifes and plums immature
If you saw us drifting…

Souls are resenting the lack of moss,
lack straws,
Combine the loss
We’ve been so gross
Feeding love
We can’t bear it

Our dreams crack the surface of time
When it came,
the desire,
We played with the hunger of hearts

When you took us to the woods
To sparkle fast so it won’t root
The lack of moss and the lack of straws
Bruised our backs and kept us alert
The kites are high, the knifes are kin
You wouldn’t see it from here
You see it’s cold cold cold down here
But suffering has made it clear
You saw it coming

The plums are rotting outside
As we watch the nights go by
Father left us untied
Mother didn’t even asked why
The plums are out in the dew
As you see we haven’t got you
And suffering got us trough

We’re sorry to hear you got lost somewhere in time
But try now to rely on suffering
Track Name: The Edge of lie
We tried so much to die
That life renewed the game
And the center of our displacement
is getting deviant
we’re reaching

The edge of a lie
The reason you spy
Life’s detached from
The sap of time
Maybe we

Love your name
And play your games
But it seems we’d rather
Fake the blame
And what, for love,
We take from you
Is the rapture of the fault
You drove us to

We were trying to die
But we never got as cold
as it takes for one to get old
We were trying to die
But it seems we took part
on the lineage of the restless hearts
(or because instead of

loving your name
And playing your games
it seems we’d rather
Fake the blame
And what, for love,
We take from you
Is the rapture of the fault
You drove us to

And down bellow
We brew the snow
And far out in the dew
We present to you
The wavering of
Love and treason
The hollow in the hands
That dug in search of you
Track Name: Sanctuary
Miracle, nausea
Verdict emblazons our raving
Our ability to say no
Vanity, sanctity
The unexpected sanctuary
Is healing the will for granted truth

We will peel you
To know just where you feel

Vanity, sanctity
The unexpected sanctuary
I am you you are me
Would we make it destiny

Forcing the wires
You wound on our hearts
Cracking the spires
All shallow from now
Exulting desires
God wants us so nasty
See who he hires
For a great poignancy
Father transpires
As wine takes off his mind and we…

Guess what – we’re here
Guess what – undressed
Guess what – available
To you
Guess what – we’re beautiful
Guess what – we’re trustful
Guess what – And mean
And maybe this is no sanctuary